The Skin Girl

Builder: Tika Construction
Photographer: Jay Drew Photography

Skin Girl is a deluxe beauty clinic, located at the back of a stunning local boutique in Mount Maunganui.

This project had to be artfully designed, because whilst The Skin Girl is a stand-alone business, it was imperative to flow the high end feel of the boutique through to the clinic. The colour palette was key in this instance – the super soft green tone of Resene ‘Rainee’ is both soothing and luxurious, in keeping with the mantra of The Skin Girl. A hand polished, plaster wall is an aesthetic feature that showcases a neutral tone, but with both texture and movement. Additionally, the Skin Girl logo has been cleverly rendered into the wall, thus achieving subtle branding.

Natural lighting was crucial to this project for practical reasons, but also because the sense of light, bright and open is imperative to the aura of calm and relaxation. The pale timber utilised cleverly references other tones in the clinic, such as marble, as well as tying in with the effect of the natural light. The raw feel is reflected in rattan furniture and beautiful white linen curtains which add texture, sound proofing and privacy. Spatial awareness is essential in a compact area, particularly in a product heavy industry, thus we created separate zones for treatment and for storage.