Silverback Acedemic Media

Photographer : Jahl Marshall

This business premises needed a substantial overhaul. Pivotal to the project was to create a sublime environment that was also a streamlined working space.  Storage was a priority but not at the expense of aesthetics. By using cabinetry to hide printers and IT equipment the feel of the building remains uncluttered and doesn’t impact on the clean design space areas. I love the feature of the textured wall, which not only increases the neutral palette, but is also a point of difference.

This project also involved the interior design of an office lunch space area. The brief from the client indicated that it was important to intertwine the functionality of the space with the need to provide a relaxation area for staff. I utilized light grey to give that feel of calm, and added black for a touch of masculinity. There are fun accents with a custom-made light feature, and the furniture was selected for its multi functionality as well as comfort.