Oceanview House #3

Architect :  Lochhead Design
Builder :  Vaughn Wilson Builders
Photographer : Jay Drew Photography

“Kath was our first choice to help us bring to life the way we wanted our family to live in a design aesthetic that embraced the stuff that we loved and her exceptional eye for detail and style. Her patience and practical advice has helped us optimise and maximise design and functional choices.
I've appreciated the time she took to understand the things that were important for us and then elevated those with new ideas and beautiful choices. On top of that, she dots the i's & t's and made it easy for our building team to work efficiently with full detailed briefs on hand and was always available to come on site to help with the tricks you get with any build. 
We are so grateful for her advice and support as we now have a home we could only have dreamed of when we started this journey.”