Natural Fit Gym & Yoga Studio

Architect : First Principles Architects
Builder : FORM Building and Developments
Photographer : Jay Drew Photography

Natural Fit is a totally unique gym space. The philosophy behind the business is very specific, taking a holistic approach to exercise that dictates wellness is not just linked to physical but also mental wellbeing. Hence the environment is crucial to the experience; consequently, at KMD we were acutely aware of the importance of sensory to this project.

The atmosphere within the space is one that encourages decompression, despite the presence of high-tech gym equipment. The yoga room epitomizes serenity; from the natural tones of the flooring to the Innowood cladding on the walls, low lighting for ambience and exquisite feature lights. Likewise, the bathrooms have been designed to be a luxurious retreat, equipped with everything from sensor lighting to antibacterial tiles. The reception is a place of connectivity; while each area has been zoned, there is enough integration to feel part of a whole.

In keeping with the ethos, the concept of ‘natural’ comes to the fore through design. As an entirety the design and experience complement each other to perfection.