Clarence Bistro

Clarence Bistro was an exciting project, in part because of the opportunity to work with the stylish existing interior. Renovating and updating the restaurant involved looking at how the business has matured, and how the space can reflect this. By adding Mojito marble tables that face the kitchen, guests get to experience the theatre of the chefs’ table. I aimed to enhance the intimate feel of the dining area by defining the zoning a little more; curved banquette seating was re-covered in luxurious velvet fabric, and I introduced a mixture of tactile mediums throughout. The tonal scheme is that of rich, saturated colours – greens, burnt orange – conjuring up luxe imagery.

One of my favourite elements of this design is the stunning Mojito marble of the tabletops; a gorgeous marble, this has Oriental origins. Leather details are both visual and practical, and rattan chairs lend another textural note. Velvet curtains bring a feeling of glamour, simultaneously complementing the age and architecture of this beautiful building. Dark smokey walnut timber tones add another layer to the ambience, and the bullnose facets on the table further accentuate the refined design details.

Acoustic panels on the ceiling help with sound, while a series of fabric drops aid acoustics and define another seating zone. Lighting was key; locally custom-made antique brass arc lamps enhance the intimacy of the seating zones, while the use of both ribbed and circa 1960s’ glass was pivotal to the finished story. We sourced stunning vintage brass and glass chandeliers (originating from the Czech Republic), which are absolute feature pieces.  All the elements work beautifully together to create an air of intimacy, but with a feel of sophisticated seduction.